Emzei Simulators

for Efficient


Mobile or built-in The Emzei Mobile Simulator is a training ground on wheels that comes to you, avoiding the need for trainees to travel to a training ground. Emzei Fixed Simulators are custom designed for special requirements.

Variable Interior The Emzei Simulator's Interior is easy to convert to reflect different working environments such as an airplane, bus, metro, tram, hotel room, office room, oil & gas installation, etc.

Ready to Use Setting up an Emzei Simulator for practical training takes only 5 minutes from arrival at site

Environmentally friendly The Emzei simulator produces only water and carbon dioxide as a byproduct using clean technology. Extinguishers are refilled for each practice which translate into a practical training cost of only 0,1 USD / trainee.

Emzei Simulator Models

Emzei Simulator Truck (Mobile)

Emzei Simulator Shuttle (Mobile)

Emzei Simulator Trailer (Mobile)

Emzei Fixed Simulator